The Calgary Bike Show 2017

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The Calgary Bike Show 2016 features  

  • drivetrains check

  • gear adjustments

  • checking & adjusting brakes

  • check tires & pressure

  • bolt check and tightened

  • chains lubricating

Bring your bike down to the show on March 12,13 and have a VeloFix pro inspect and service your ride. $20.00 service.

Professional safety inspection & service

$4 of every service will be donated directly to Wheels for Wells. Check out this cool organisation on the show floor.

**Space limited: Offering service on a first come first serve basis**

BMX Stunt show

Presented by MISSION


Featured Speaker

'A Purpose Ridden' 

Ryan speaks about finding purpose through the world's toughest cycling challenges. His passion on two wheels began at the age of 13, when he and his father embarked on a series of cross-country tours around North America. The Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership valedictorian has since cycled 25,000 km from Alaska to Argentina, become the youngest Canadian to complete the grueling Race Across America, raced 4,418 km of remote mountain terrain on the Tour Divide (twice), and nearly crippled himself on 6 day 20 hour stationary cycling record attempt. 


Copies of his new book 'A Purpose Ridden' will be available for signing afterward.



A D V E N T U R E  C Y C L I S T & 

H A M M E R  N U T R I T I O N  F U E L I N G  G U R U









Featured Speaker

Nutrition Essentials for the Long Ride

Having a nutrition strategy when you’re doing any endurance activity is important.  When you’re cycling, it could be life-saving.  When you ride, you need to be thinking about you, your fellow riders and the vehicles you’re sharing the road with.  There’s really not a lot of room for mistakes and poor fueling can be a hazard.  This session will focus on the long ride and some strategies to keep you performing well, and staying safe.

Colleen Parsons has been coaching human beings since 1989. She has helped hundreds of athletes navigate the endless barrage of information around nutrition, training and performance.  She is currently guiding women towards cycling with confidence through Princess Pedal Cycling Clinics and Camps.  Her background as an IOC Sport Nutritionist, Certified Exercise Physiologist, 14 time marathoner and 6 time Ironman finisher make her a credible consultant in this arena.  

Colleen Parsons, MSc.

LiveSplendidly, Princess Pedal.

Featured Speaker

The Joys of Winter Cycling

There was a time when cycling in the winter was a pastime reserved for masochists and crazy people. At least, that was the perception. But in recent years, the development of our bikes, our cities and our attitudes has changed all of that. Today, winter cycling holds huge potential for the bike industry and our daily lives, as long as we learn to embrace it.

Tom Babin spent years learning about the developing world of winter cycling as part of the Calgary Herald's Pedal, one of Canada's most popular blogs about cycling. The result of all that work is his book Frostbike: The Joy, Pain and Numbness of Winter Cycling, in which he explores all aspects of year-round cycling, from the types of bikes to our approach to  winter to the most bike-friendly winter cities in the world. 

Today, Babin speaks about winter cycling all over the world, and will bring his inspiring message to the Calgary Bike Show. 



Live Spin Classes

Hosted by CORE "Live Fit"

Spin classes are fun and challanging for riders of all level. Stay fit this winter so when the snows clear your ready to smash out the km's. Spin classes are as hard or easy as you want to make them.


Join a live class, see what CORE is all about, or just view a class and see how it all works. Contact CORE at link below and join one of the classes at the show.

Strider Test park

Strider, push bike park


They'll have a great time at the STRIDER

bike park. Bikes, and Helmets provided by

STRIDER push bikes. Open

during all show hours

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ThE Calgary Bike Show - March 18,19 2017

ThE Edmonton Bike Show - February 27,28 2017

Jan 20/21 2018
   Calgary Telus Convention Centre.
    Combined with The Great Canadian Fitfest!